Russian Language Courses in Saint Petersburg

Best Teach Language Centre provides Russian language courses in Saint Petersburg for those who wish to study Russian as a foreign language for work and for business, for everyday life and for communication, for scientific research or just for pleasure.

Our teachers are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in teaching Russian for foreigners both at Best Teach and various Russian language schools in Saint Petersburg.

We offer Russian language courses in groups and one to one tuition classes based on individual needs.

Private tuition
is available based on individual needs. Best Teach will endeavor to accommodate your choice of time and day.Group classes at Best Teach Language School are held from Monday to Friday for 5 ac/hours a day 4 times a week in small groups of 6 students. The program covers 20 ac/hours a week. Teachers monitor students’ progress by regular testing, homework and individualized study assignments. Russian language study programs are from 3 weeks to an Academic Year, prepared on the basis of language proficiency and professional interests.

The Russian language study program of each student starts with a written and oral test, to determine the exact level of Russian language skills for placement to in groups from Beginner to Advanced.
Our lessons focus on improving the four essential language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Classes place particular emphasis on speaking, as this is the key to communication. In order to provide a high level of individual attention, we have a maximum of 6 students per class.

Best Teach is located right in the centre of Saint Petersburg, one minute walk from the metro station .

Tuition Prices

Tuition typeIntensityDurationTuition fee (€)
Group classesCourses of 60 ac.hours (one level)4 classes a week, 5 ac.hours each3 weeks360
Individual classesCourses from 16 ac.hours and moreFrom 16 to 30 ac.hours a week1 week and moreFrom 320